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Mukti Mitchell

Mukti Mitchell

Mukti Mitchell is a carpenter who lives beside the sea in Clovelly, North Devon. In 2004 he designed the Resurgence Personal Carbon Dioxide Calculator, coming first in an independent study of carbon calculators on-line, and in 2005 set up Mitchell Yachts Ltd. to manufacture the Explorer Microyacht, of which ‘Chance’ is the prototype. Mukti has pioneered a low carbon lifestyle for 10 years, and his annual CO2 emissions are 5 tonnes (national average 10 tonnes).

Will Stephens • Fundraising

Will Stephens

Will lives in Nailsworth with his wife and two children. He has set up and ran several environmentally friendly companies. He is a trustee of Resurgence magazine, and works to preserve the earth for future generations.

Jessie Rogers • Research

Jessie Rogers

Jessie lives in the New Forest with her family. She has worked for Greenpeace and ran the whale-watch vessel Silurian, from which parts of the BBC Blue Planet series were filmed. Jessie writes press releases and updates for the tour and liases with eco-schools.

Mary Wills • Distribution Manager

Mary is a painter and mother of four who lives in Clovelly. She looks after the media email database and sends out posters, flyers and booklets to meet the tour all over the country.

Jay Ramsey • Scotland Representative

Jay Ramsey

Based in Edinburgh, Jay has a degree in Conceptual Art, and works primarily in education and care. He is organiser of the Glasgow and Edinburgh tour events, the tour’s representative in Scotland, and gives artistic input to the media programme.

Katy Elliott • Television Researcher

Based in London, Katy is a broadcast journalist and previous editor of Broadcast magazine. She has actively discovered the benefits of low carbon lifestyles for herself and her family, and is researching television coverage of low-carbon lifestyles and ways to tie this in with the tour.

Richard Dransfield • Technical Manager

Richard lives on North Devon’s coast and runs RLD Computing. He plays for the Clovelly Football Club along with Mukti, and is the research, source and installation manager for Chance’s electrical, communications and navigation equipment.

Rick Lawrence • Design

Rick Lawrence

Rick runs Advertising and Graphic Communication company Samskara Design. Samskara's vision is to use the vehicle of publicity to raise awareness and bring peoples attention to what is important, and to that which makes a difference. Rick lives with his wife and son in South Devon, is interested in the exploration of 'the mind' and tries not to take himself too seriously.

Marten Gallagher • Webmaster

Marten Gallagher

Marten runs his own business Annery Kiln Web Design and took on the re-design and maintenance of the website at short notice. (Photo from 1971!)



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