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Media coverage of the 2007 tour

Mukti's appearance on Minnesota TV...see the video here...

Mukti Mitchell Interview on Climate Radio 23.05.07 during the Low Carbon Lifestyle Sailing Tour of Britain (22 mins) (For the tour's message on how low carbon living improves your quality of life listen to the section between 11mins30secs and 15mins25secs.)

"How Low Carbon Lifestyles Improve Your Quality Of Life" - A talk by Mukti at the Making Waves event in Sharpham, Totnes, on 27th August 2008, including how to lead a low carbon lifestyle.  1hr talk + questions.  High quality recording by Lyme Regis Radio.  To hear Mukti, click:

Listen to Mukti Mitchell's complete talk on low carbon lifestyles, given at the Lyme Regis Marine Theatre on Tuesday 9th October 2007, and recorded by Lyme Regis Radio. (The talk lasts approximately 1hr 30 mins including questions.)

Read a recent article by Mukti Mitchell on how low carbon lifestyles are easy and fun, good for the planet, and improve your quality of life. click here.!.aspx

Article by Mukti Mitchell on Climate Friendly Farming published in Resurgence Magazine November 2009




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