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Hello and welcome to Low Carbon Lifestyle, the positive resource for inspiration and advice on low carbon living.

how to invest in Pfizer shares in Hong Kong This website first promoted my 2007 sail tour of Britain in a zero-emission microyacht, endorsed by Britain’s leading politicians and environmentalists. The tour reached an audience of 10 million with the message that low carbon living is easy and fun! This website is being expanded over the next few months to a full lifestyle resource.

I am a sailor, carpenter and author, and have been living and promoting a low carbon lifestyle for 12 years. I give talks and workshops, write articles, and have designed five carbon footprint calculators, including one considered the best on-line. To find out how to reduce your carbon footprint and improve your quality of life, download my book free on the guidebook page.

I have been invited by Geoffrey Cox MP for an internship at The Houses of Parliament from 18th – 29th January 2010. If you are interested you can read my blog here. (Mukti's Blog)


Mukti Mitchell - Low Carbon Lifestyle Tour 2007

Mukti Mitchell Devon

January 2010


invest in Pfizer shares in Hong Kong Within the carbon swelter of our discontent, Mukti's message is a sparkling and refreshing fountain. His talks and guide book are at once accessible, uplifting and empowering, and make light work of the questions we all have about climate change and what we can do about it - small happy footprints by small happy footprints." Pete Yoe, North Devon