Probably the most interesting talk I have ever heard.  Every minute was inspirational.

Judy Oats, Scarborough


Mukti is a real-life Al Gore event and equally impressive. 

Sue Goold, Southampton


My sceptical husband came out enthused because of the lack of hairshirt and direction to enjoy! 

Nicola Schumacher, Aberystwyth


Mukti's message is a sparkling and refreshing fountain. His talks and guidebook are at once accessible, uplifting and empowering, and make light work of the questions we have about climate change and what we can do about it - small happy footprint by small happy footprint. 

Pete Yeo, Devon



Mukti is a truly inspirational speaker - he delivers his message with a quiet and convincing passion. This is not doom and gloom. Mukti is offering a new paradigm in the low carbon lifestyle arena.  He offers lifestyle advice that will save money, give you more free time, and bring quality, meaning and satisfaction to life.  The bonus is reducing carbon emissions. A personal solution to a very public and global issue.  

Barbara Quilliam, Isle of Man


The Guide to Low Carbon Lifestyles really is a very impressive piece of work and extremely helpful in its factual simplicity.  Mukti emphasises the fun element and the fact that by changing certain recently-developed habits we can actually improve our quality of life and sense of well-being.

Diana Schumacher, Surrey


When I heard about Mukti’s talk I thought I knew what to expect.  I couldn’t have been more wrong – Mukti has given us all an opportunity to reassess the way we talk about climate change. I was a sceptic about the “no guilt” approach, but I saw Mukti in action and I now believe that it is the only way to get people to change behaviour – and it really works, it makes people relax and open up to what Mukti’s saying.  There’s no sense of “you shouldn’t be doing this or that”, it’s just “I didn’t always live like this, but this is how I do it, these are the reasons I feel I should do it and I have a great quality of life.” No pressure, no judgment, and it is remarkably powerful – an inspiration.

Jessie Rogers, Hampshire


Mukti did a fantastic job at Norleywood Primary School - lots of mothers have come up to me and said that parts of his talk are being regurgitated at home –

"mummy how are we getting to Tunisia?”

“By plane darling.”

"But can't we go by train it would be much more fun and planes give off lots of carbon dioxide."

Jessie Rogers, Hampshire


Mukti’s talk was super and entirely appropriate for the students’ level.  They were genuinely inspired. One student wrote an essay on Global Warming the next day and mailed it to me, some more are planning a book(!), another two have entered a national competition and three more are doing an assembly for their year group.  He certainly made an impact.

Gill Hickman, Ringwood


It has been an immense privilege to work with Mukti on such a powerful and successful tour.  I heard nothing but good things from colleagues around the UK who had the opportunity to be involved with the Tour.

Faheem Bhatti, Co-operative membership, Exeter


I confess to being a carbon ostrich.  I came to hear about a young man who sailed around Britain in a tiny home-made boat.  I met a young man who has the skill, knowledge and enthusiasm to communicate this huge challenge to all people.  You have converted me.  Now go global. 

Laura, Devon


Mukti Mitchell’s talk at the E4Exmoor renewable energy symposium was powerful and very well received, and his chairmanship was completely professional.  He ensured all questions were properly answered whilst allowing neither time-wasting nor irrelevancies.  His performance as chairman could not have been bettered.

Archie McIntyre, The Exmoor Trust

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