Tour Endorsements

You can read HRH The Prince of Wales’ message of support here

HRH The Prince of Wales

Mukti’s imaginative initiative is a valuable contribution to our collective efforts to tackle climate change. Actions taken by individuals contribute around 40% of CO2 emissions in the UK, and individuals have an important role to play in tackling the problem. I send my best wishes to Mukti and wish him every success with his tour.

Tony Blair • Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Climate Change is the biggest threat facing our planet, and our generation will rightly be judged on our response to it. We are all in this together and have a shared responsibility to act. The Low Carbon Lifestyle Tour is a great way to highlight the issue, and to show in practical ways how we can all make a difference. It is an impressive venture and I wish Mukti Mitchell and his team every success.

David Cameron • Leader of the Conservative Party

When I was invited to provide an endorsement for the Low Carbon Lifestyle Tour 2007 project I was delighted to accept. My party is fully committed to curbing emissions and halting global warming and I am therefore delighted to support an initiative that shares these goals. It is vital that people are encouraged to change their habits and try to cut their carbon emissions. The Low Carbon Lifestyle Tour will help create awareness of the issues involved and encourage people to take a stand in the promotion of low carbon lifestyles. I wish the tour every success.

Menzies Campbell • Leader of the Liberal Democrat Party

Mukti Mitchell's Low Carbon Lifestyle Tour is a wonderfully inspiring initiative, guaranteed to capture the public’s imagination, and to help spur them into action. There is no more urgent priority than to raise awareness about the dangers of climate change and - crucially - to demonstrate how people can take practical action to address it. All too often, climate change is portrayed as inevitable, and ordinary people as powerless. Mukti Mitchell’s tour is a compelling challenge to both assumptions, promoting low carbon lifestyles by his own example, and demonstrating that a low carbon future can be an exciting and fulfilling one. I wish him every success with this important and stimulating project.

Caroline Lucas • Green Party MEP

The Low Carbon Lifestyle Tour of Britain is not just a fantastic adventure, but a serious and inspirational awareness-raising initiative. One of the principal challenges we face today is ‘carbon literacy’ - a proper understanding of climate change and its potential impact on our lives. Hence this tour could not have been more timely.

Jonathon Porritt, Founder Director, Forum for the Future

Mitchell Microyachts are the vessels of the future.

James Lovelock • Climate scientist and author of ‘The Ages of Gaia’

The Low Carbon Lifestyle Tour is a hugely exciting project and one which will make a very important point. The issue of carbon emissions and the carbon footprint of each individual is something we are no longer able to ignore. People know this instinctively but yet, like rabbits in a headlight, seem to be frozen with inertia as if waiting for someone to lead them somewhere. Therefore without hesitation, I can say that we at Eden fully support the Low Carbon Lifestyle Tour and hope that the journey captures the imagination of people around the country and of the media.

Tim Smit • Chief Executive, The Eden Project

I am happy to support this exciting and innovative project to raise awareness of low carbon solutions. At this critical moment in the earth’s history, we need to reach out to people in every way possible. I wish the Low Carbon Lifestyle Tour the best of luck.

Stephen Tindale • Executive Director, Greenpeace UK

The Low Carbon Lifestyle Tour will greatly help to increase awareness about the urgency of climate change that the world is facing today. This timely venture has my full support.

Satish Kumar • Editor, Resurgence Magazine

Mukti Mitchell’s courageous expedition cannot fail to focus attention on the absolute need to adapt our lifestyles toward carbon neutrality. It is only via imaginative actions such as this that people will be made aware of the need to make the many small changes to the way we live so that climate change may at least be delayed.

Gerard Morgan-Grenville • Founder of Centre for Alternative Technology

The Low Carbon Lifestyle Tour will send a powerful message about the need and opportunity to reduce emissions of the gases that are causing dangerous changes to the Earth's climate. Today we sit on the brink of potentially devastating ecological changes. We can still avoid the worst impacts of climatic shifts - but only if we act now. We have the technologies, we have the policies. What we lack is sufficient inspiration, vision and leadership. The Low Carbon Lifestyle Tour will help to fill this critical gap.

Tony Juniper • Executive Director, Friends of the Earth

What a great way to promote the case for sustainable living and sustainable pleasure all in one. This is an imaginative and challenging venture which I hope will attract all the attention it deserves.

Jonathan Dimbleby
Resurgence The Green Blue Co-operative Membership