You can contribute

Individuals, organisations, companies and clubs are invited to help support the Low Carbon Lifestyle Tour 2007 by donation.

£25 donated to the Low Carbon Lifestyle Tour pays for one MP to receive a copy of The Guide to Low Carbon Living, pays for you to receive one copy of the guide, and pays for one hour's media work by a press officer to raise awareness of the tour and low carbon lifestyles in regional and national media. This awareness raising work will continue after the tour ends until the end of 2007.

We welcome any donation no matter what the size, and those who donate 25 or more will get, as well as helping to support the Tour:

  • a free copy of our book ‘The Guide to Low Carbon Lifestyles’
  • allow one Member of the UK Parliament get a copy of the book
  • email newsletter for the tour
  • information about future events that arise from the Tour
Click here for Ecotricity and LCLT

Sign up to Ecotricity and help the tour - Ecotricity will donate £15 for each new customer who signs up via this tour website. Simply click on this link and switch to renewable energy as well as helping the low carbon lifestyle tour.

We will be setting up a PayPal online payment system but in the meantime any contributions are welcome by cheque payable to ‘Low Carbon Lifestyle Tour 2007’ and posted to:

Low Carbon Lifestyle Tour 2007
Rat’s Castle
EX39 5TF

Remember to send your email address if you wish to receive updates.

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